A starting point just need’s to start it doesn’t have a right or a wrong way to go it just needs to begin. Change only happens if you make things happen. A dream will only merely be just that in your head if you don’t make steps towards it. No matter how small or long it takes you to get to each dream. Life has no set way things are meant to go apart from the ones you create about your life, in your head and just like anything in your head you can change it.

The realization that fear of so many things subsides when the realization of if you never face them that fearing  not trying well that’s just as hard to bare.

Though I don’t know what the future holds what I do know is I have a fair too many things I want to learn, create and places I want to see and explore. That no set path already created will suit. So I will slowly but surely continue to find my way … somehow…


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