New Year!

So a New Year is on its way while another is on its way out and I’m already doing what I do best reflecting on the year that was and looking forward to the adventure of what Twenty eighteen is going to be (one may also call such a thing ‘day dreaming’ so maybe I’m a dreamer? but I’m not the only one. Right? ).

Over the past couple years I’ve slowly been ticking things of my imaginary bucket list and I’m determined to continue doing so next year.

Never feel like you cant because you can do anything! Sometimes things just take a little longer than you think they should, but it’s the small steps that all add up it doesn’t mean you have to give up if it doesn’t go to plan like you first thought.

I’m not sure about you but I feel like twenty seventeen has been a year of so many things, a year of growth, laughs, emotions and learning. This past year has been one of my happiest years and I’m very grateful that I have had a year full of more smiles and happy tears than I have had in years. Though my year has still had some sad patches being reminded by my love of all the good things in life has helped me try and stay more positive in those moments.

If your year wasn’t the best I hope the New Year is better than the one your leaving.

Please remember the following if your going though some dark times, I wrote it to a friend a couple years ago when I was feeling very down.

Just keep swimming, sometimes storms come even tsunami. The waters get so unbearable and it gets so hard to breathe, you become lost in the Deep Ocean of endlessness. Alone. Trapped in the overpowering heavy waters. Just know the waters are always changing and with time the waters will once again calm …Please remember waters do change… it will be okay once again… someday…sometimes things take time… sometimes the heavy waters still come flooding back but never stop believing some day they will calm…

I hope you have a great start to the New Year and let me know how your twenty seventeen was and or something your excited about for the New Year below I would love to hear.

(Image above is a little Me super excited about life that she couldn’t keep it in her fingers are even screaming with excitement )

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