Just a Few of my favourite things

The year is now fresh like a frost on a winter morning can you tell I’m missing winter? It’s a little too hot right now in New Zealand for me as a winter lover, but there was a storm the other day and I really enjoyed the break from the heat. So thought no better time but now to look back on some of my favourite things from 2017.

Silk & Spire is still new so I hope that this post gives you a little peek into my style and some of the things I like. Please bare with me as I continue to figure out this blogging thing this is my first post in this style so I think I have a lot to learn still.

IMG_1837Its funny when I got all the items together they seemed to be of a similar color palette, which weirdly made me happier than I feel it should.

The following list is in no particular order so lets get straight into it…

YU MEI -2/6 Jacqui bag in ocean + YU MEI Key Pouch in Champagne: YU MEI Is a brand I discovered in 2017 and was super duper excited about! They are based and made in Wellington, New Zealand (I am as well so that could be part of the excitement). I get especially super proud of NZ company’s creating things in New Zealand. So it didn’t take me long to fall in love with this bag, I was going to get the black but it had sold out when I went to purchase and I’m happy it had because I’ve been really enjoying the little pop of colour. I’m dreaming about purchasing a larger bag from them in future they have some really nice ones that have been released not to long ago if you wanted a we nosey on their website. The little key pouch I found on Trade me (its like the NZ eBay) at a really good price, I loved the colour. I don’t think they make them anymore.

Juliette Hogan – Leonard pants in Gemstone silk: I’ve been a huge fan of the brand since my last year of high school when I saw a picture of a pleated skirt in a magazine. Fast-forward to now and I own a couple of these beautiful silk Leonard pants. Honestly the Leonard pants are the most comfy pants plus they just make me so happy each time I pop them on. JH releases some truly beautiful prints which each season I look forward to seeing and I love that it’s all made in New Zealand.

RAINS- Rain jacket in smoke: RAINS is another brand I hadn’t heard of till 2017 once I saw them online I felt like I was seeing them everywhere both in stores and online. I felt like I was seeing a fair few people around Wellington wearing them also mostly in black and rose. Sometimes seeing lots of people wearing the same thing can put me off liking an item but before I knew it I owned my own jacket after seeing it on sale at a very good price and now I’m excited for rain once again (it’s the little things, right?)

IMG_1845Ernest Wyler -Jenna sneaker Shoes: Oh my I was eyeing these shoes up everyday after work on our way home. I was lucky my boyfriend was holding my hand because Mischief (the shoe shop) sometimes puts these little shelfs outside the shop for weeks I would stare at them when I should have been looking where I was walking. That was till I finally went in to try them on and now the rest is history. I have worn them nearly to death since, now that’s a sign of a well-loved pair of shoes right?

Bailey Nelson Wallace glasses grey black pop: I have a matt black pair and I wanted something a bit more fun to wear since I wear a lot of black and these where the takers. If you’re a glasses wearer they have some great affordable glasses if you’re on the look out for some new ones.

Casio calculator watch CA-506 with a silicone generic band on: It was re released in 2017 for a short period in New Zealand I believe it maybe discontinued over here now. It’s a little bit fun for a digital watch. I’m a huge fan of inverse digital watch displays along with black cases and bands in general so it didn’t take long for me to add this one to my ever growing watch collection.

Bare minerals – Original Spf15 Foundation + Bare minerals complexion rescue tinted hydrating gel cream: I discovered the complexion rescue when I was traveling in London awhile back because my skin was so dry and I just wanted a little coverage, I’ve been loving it since. I like to use the powder on top when I want a little extra coverage or feel a little oily. I feel like my skin can breathe when I wear bare minerals.

Hair tie coils: Is that the name everyone knows them as? I believe they have been around for years now I remember a friend having them and thinking they must feel so weird to use since they are plastic. I’m a messy bun person and they make them the right amount of messy for me. Plus if you feel stress they make a great fidget tool on your wrist too (bonus!).

No brand black eyelash curler: I forgot how much it can make a difference haven’t owned one in a few years and I’m so happy I got one again and for a bargain at only $2.50 if I remember right.

Avène soothing eye contour cream: It feels nice and moisturising and hasn’t seemed to do anything worse to my sore dry eyes so I’ve been enjoying that.

Alcon poly visc lubricating eye ointment : Now this bad boy is intense it’s an ointment you put on your eyes at night. I get terribly dry sore itchy eyes and it seems to be the only thing that’s able to slightly lessen that.

Fujifilm Instax mini 9 : This was the sweetest Christmas present from my other half it’s been something I’ve wanted for years and I have loved using it . It’s been fun, I have learnt trying to take a photo of  an animal isn’t easy I may have tried a couple times.

Jamie Oliver Perfect Rice cooker! Oh my goodness this has been amazing you can cook rice in the microwave and in the oven and so on. If you love rice like me but hate cooking it this makes it so easy!

Sorrento bowls from freedom. They make food look a little bit fancy which makes me want to cook even more.

The little giraffe was a little souvenir I got when I went to Wellington zoo for the first time in years in 2017 with my boyfriend we had an amazing day so this little cutie reminds me of how great the day was.

Oh and I popped all my favourites on to another my favourite duvet cover that I have really been enjoying, which happens to be on another our new bed.

What’s some of your favourite purchases from 2017?




  1. Love this post. Your shoes are lush, I love them! I treated myself to an Instax Mini last year, I absolutely love it. Such a cute post. Hope it’s not getting too hot for you in NZ whilst the snow is falling here in the UK ❤ xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much thats so sweet 🙂 I love them so much though the sole of them isn’t looking the best some how managed to get a stone stuck in them on the way home today haha. They are so fun! right. Its luckily getting a little cooler at the moment , its doesn’t get cold enough in the city I live in for snow really. So I image as magical as it is you start to look forward to warmth of summer 🙂


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