Who Am I?

I have realised that I’ve posted three posts and I’m yet to introduce myself apologies for being so rude, I feel like I have just jumped into a group of people talking with out saying a word and just standing there awkwardly hoping to blend in when the fact is I’m new to this blogging world and feel like I’m way out of my comfort zone.

So I though I would take a moment and let you know a little bit about myself.

My name is Emmaleigh, I’m 23 and I live in little old New Zealand with my boyfriend in a flat. I have lived in three different towns and cities and I went to six schools not including further education.

I’m gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian.

I love textures and layers in fashion, interior and food. So much so , I have so many pictures of beautiful textures from my travels.

I have always had an interest in Fashion since the day I could walk I was picking what I could wear so that’s probably explains why I ended up studying fashion design when I got older.

I really enjoy writing I’m not the best speller or the best with grammar (just a heads up!) but I enjoy trying to get my thoughts out with writing and have enjoyed it since I was young (not that many people would know).

I have only travelled on international flight alone. I travelled alone to the UK and Europe when I was 21 for two months after leaving my job I had been in since I was 16, a month earlier. I didn’t have a huge plan on what I wanted to do when I got home other than moving somewhere new.

I have anxiety, when I was younger I was too scared to leave my mum’s side in the supermarket and would be too scared to walk to the corner store by myself.

I’m hoping that this post has let you get to know me a little bit more.

I would love to hear something about you! like what’s your name or where are you from.


*This picture was taken a couple years ago when I was travelling in Paris, France.


  1. Congrats on entering the blogging world! if you’re looking for some other bloggers to follow I recommend Angela from thelifeofangela.com, she’s also from NZ and is the sweetest! Nice to meet you Emmaleigh! 🙂

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