Lust List Volume one

I felt that lyric fitting since this is a list of items I’ve been lusting and dreaming over some for four months plus. I’m a online shopper, I love browsing creating carts and dreaming about one day owning the goodies I’ve come across mostly while a comedy is playing in the background and my boyfriend is chilling playing a game next to me ( thats what I call a relaxing evening)

So with saying that I realised I had to limit myself to three lust items or this list would go on for as long as some of my ASOS shopping baskets and lets just say those get pretty long. Now let me warn you part of the reason I lust and don’t dive in to purchasing these items are the price, these are mostly investment pieces so I like to mull those purchases over for a while before maybe one day purchasing.

mini-protea-ring.campaignMEADOWLARK – Mini Protea Ring– Sterling silver – Tourmalinated quartz. If you haven’t heard of meadowlark they are a New Zealand company that handcraft beautiful jewellery, primary they make to order from their workshop in Auckland. Now I’ve been lusting after this ring combo for months now! I just love this stone so much and the little scalloped detail. This is a definite purchase for the future hardest problem is figuring out what finger to get it for.

triple-halo-ring.campaignMEADOWLARK- Triple Halo Ring –Sterling Silver. So maybe you’re seeing a theme, you got me I’m a ring person. I love a combo of rings stacking them in a mixture of pretty, dainty and chunkier styles and have them filling all my fingers (well minus my pinkly and thumb etc.). This is a ring I would like to get for my middle finger I like breaking up stacked rings with open circle style rings.

PUSH THE COAT OUT JACKETTRELISE COOPER –Push the coat out jacket– black. So if you haven’t heard of Trelise Cooper she’s is another New Zealand designer and been in business since 1985. This  Jacket is definitely an investment piece that knowing me would be worn basically everyday! my favourite season is winter I love the cold, love laying, love texture, love beadwork, oh and the colour black (I know technically it’s not a colour) so this is perfect for me I would wear it basically everyday its cold. Plus it’s on sale so it’s sort of maybe more in my price range (or maybe I’m just dreaming) for the one investment-clothing item I buy for a long time. I don’t know if you can tell but it definitely sounds like I’m talking myself in to purchasing it at some point.

What’s something you have been lusting over?


*Please note the images of the items I’m lusting over are not my own and belong to the websites linked in each section*

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