The vulnerability in being creative

I felt like writing a little piece about something that I’ve been pondering for a while and doing so makes me feel a little vulnerable so bare with me as I get some thoughts out to share.

It’s so easy to put so much pressure on yourself when it comes to expressing yourself creatively that you can paralyze yourself from even doing anything remotely creative (I know because I have been there). It can be hard to be creative when you put so much pressure on yourself because your worried the reaction that others will have.

It can be hard because you have but so much effort and work into something you have spent hours, days, months, and at times years working on something using all your spare time to create it and then when you show that to the ‘world’ it’s easy to feel like your heart is exposed and now available to be picked upon and cut into little small pieces. It can be hard to detach your self worth from something you have created.

These feelings should never stop you from expressing yourself creatively! It’s hard to let go and not think of the reaction that others may have but at the end of the day you have to be creative for yourself (that’s what I get reminded to do).

You have to be happy with what you have produced, you first of all. You should be creating for you, and you shouldn’t change your opinion on what you have created because of how people did or didn’t react.

I know its hard at times to live up to what you expected you should be doing in your head, sometimes you have to let go, even if things like anxiety’s continually tell you to worry about everything.

Just because you have expressed your creativity most of your life one way doesn’t mean that’s the way you have to always, sometimes you need a break. Time to try something different for a while to then fall back into love with expressing yourself in that original way with a whole new point of view.

So what I’m trying to say is don’t put the way you express yourself into a box that just has be one way, let your creativity grow and blossom. Sometimes you need to give something a break like I needed to when it came to creating garments. With these break you realize that you have strong passions for other things for me one of those things is writing.

I feel like I could probably talk about my thoughts on this topic for longer but I should probably stop here as I feel I may be starting to ramble, so I will just leave you with a questions.

Do you feel vulnerable expressing your self creatively? 


Photographs are all garments I have made both while studying and after. Outdoor- Megan Bowers-Vette IndoorJoz Steel


  1. Beautifully writte. I don’t write in my mother language but in English, which is more difficult and I been thinking to start writing in both. But not sure yet. Its a tricky one. What is the audience I want to write to… you know😉

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    1. Thank you so much that means a lot! I was a little nervous posting it because its the first time Ive shared this style of post on the blog. Thats amazing! I wish I could speak and write in another language 🙂 . If its something you decide to do you could always try including both in some of your posts and see how you feel about it 🙂

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