New Bag! whats in it?

So a couple weeks ago I got a new bag! which means my little Jacqui has a new friend Jaimee and I though no better way to celebrate than to do a cheeky little what’s in my bag post. I’m hoping my excitement for a new bag is coming though with my use of confetti in this post, if not now you know!

IMG_1927.jpgThe bag is a YU MEI 2/6 Jaimee in Ocean, because of the sample sale I was lucky and got this lovely for half price and it basically feels double the size of my other little YU MEI bag (featured in this post here)  which is awesome because I don’t need a huge bag everyday so this is perfect to fit the things I need.

Let me quickly mention that I almost didn’t go to the Sample Sale because I was so anxious about going and going on my own , as I’ve never been to anything like that before. With the kind words and encouragement from my other half (that couldn’t go with me) I got the courage to go and I’m so happy I did.

IMG_1960So your probably now wondering what’s in my bag? (since thats what this post is all about) so here we go.

I have my YU MEI key pouch with my keys in it, Bailey Nelson glasses cloth (must have for me as a glasses wearer), Clear hair coils (hard to see in the picture), Dermal Lip balm (I get super dry lips at time), Wrigley’s Extra white Gum sugar free, Lush Vanillary solid perfume ( When I was in York in England a couple years back so it brings back traveling memories) Lust solid perfume (love this scent), Notebook –Frown&Folk (I bought this back when I was traveling in Vienna Austria at a Christmas market), in the TDK little bag I have headphones unsure the brand, a Pen, Tangle Teezer (these things are awesome! have had a couple and still love them) oh and I also have my good old Kate Spade wallet and normally my IPhone as well but that was hiding from me when I was taking the photos.

Hope you enjoyed having a little peek into whats in my bag ,as I always love seeing whats in my bag posts and videos. With that being said I would love to know what are the things in your bag you couldn’t live without?



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