Insta(gram) Reflection

I don’t know about you but sometimes it hits me how far I’ve come and how much I’ve grown for example the other day I got my hair cut and I haven’t had my hair this short since I cut my own hair back when I was 5! which got me thinking about how my style has progressed over the years just like my views on the world.

Which leads me to this blog post, I thought why not share a little peek at my past 4 years from my Instagram account.

I feel like my account has definitely developed with me its seen me travel, face many fears and let me share my thoughs at the same time. So lets take a peek at some posts from the beginning to were I are now.


‘Sometimes beautiful things fall. But if the caterpillar was too scared to transform into a butterfly how would it be able to see all the beauty, to be seen in the world? life is a process, sometimes you just have to slowly crack through that chrysalis and face all those little fears and hope to fly! Sometimes you may fall, but the what ifs they eat away at your brain for a lot longer than any of those bumps along the way’

The above is one of my favourite things that I wrote and shared back in June 2015 on my Instagram account .


Thank you for visiting and having a little peek back with me from my Instagram account its still funny to me that my first image I posted was of a plate of green vegetables! (I didn’t feel like that needed to be shared in this post haha). I feel like I may have developed a little from then (though I still love my green vegetables)

If you wanted more of a look feel free to visit my Instagram here and if you’re on Instagram I would love to know what was your first post? and see your account too.





      1. I know! Ive had everything hahah purple even😉 but Ive been the same for too long now. I guess the hair is definetly portraiting the feelings inside! Like what we wear as well👌🏽


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