So whats in the shopping bag? (Città)

I love this little shopping bag that my goodies came in from Città I had to share what was hidden inside.

On Saturday we did a little spot of what was meant to be for me window shopping (my boyfriend had a couple things in other stores he wanted to pick up in the area) then before I knew it we were in Città which is a beautiful New Zealand design store who unfortunately only ship within NZ and to Australia at the moment.

The reason I was meant to be window shopping is one of my goals for the year is trying to save more (as my Dad would say creating a little nest egg) but sometimes you need a little Treat and I thought I would share the two little things I picked up oh and give a little peek at my outfit that just so happened to go with the bag and the wall (well kind of)

IMG_2028The first thing I stumble upon was these Vitra. Alexander Girard. White matches in a gold printed beautiful box. Matches are something that I keep on forgetting that I need so seeing these was perfect because I enjoy candles but I can’t use a lighter for the life of me! (please say I’m not the only one.)

Next I came across this lovely Vanilla Soy candle it smells so yummy and it came in a lovely black box. I love that the candle is inside a matt black glass which has a lovely wooden lid (which is all design with the idea of them being able to be reused which I love!) The bonus being they had/have 40% off this candle at the moment so I got these two for less than just the candle .

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend and have a great start to the week. Are you a candle Fan? what your favourite scent?




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