Hidden in the back of the wardrobe

I thought I would show a little snippet of an outfit from the week that was. On the walk home last week I got my lovely boyfriend to take a couple pictures of my layered dungeree outfit (though to be fair in these pictures its hard to tell I’m wearing black corduroy dungarees )


A goal I started the past week was wanting to try wearing the clothes I have hidden in the wardrobe. You know the clothes I mean that sometimes you see peeking out but never seem to wear its like the things you purchase and haven’t really got round to wearing.

Aka this blouse I’m wearing that I got from trade me (its like eBay in New Zealand) to be fair it wasn’t the one I thought I ordered, the women had a photo error with the listing then ended up giving it to me as well as the original blouse I ordered which was a bonus!  while the dungarees have been hidden since sometime last year.


I’m a huge layering fan even in Summer! though now its official Autumn/Fall in New Zealand its probably not looked upon as being to crazy. I guess it wasn’t too surprising that I would end up with three layers (since thats my go to amount of layers most days). I just love how the sleeves are peeking out from the long duster style jacket,  I forgot how much I enjoy pleated detail like the neckline and those sleeves of the blouse.


Its been a rollercoaster of a past week in short so I haven’t really done much blogging/ blog reading or social media browsing and so on. So I have a lot to catch up on in the coming weeks (though its going to be busy couple weeks still to come, as my parents have always told me you can only do your best.)

So lets just say I didn’t really feel like countinuing that initial goal but I know I’ll be trying to slowly start adding in those items hidden in the wardrobe more.

Do you have things hidden in your wardrobe you forget to wear? (please say I’m not the only one)



  1. I love layers!!! My favorite way to layer is mixing patterns. Not in a garish way, but patterns that mix well like a floral with a thick stripe. 😍 I always and forever will adore your calculator watch. 😉

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    1. Oh I haven’t done to much of the sort of layering, but I love when other people give it a go! Ive only really done different strips and polka dots. But Its definitely something I want to try one day. Its one of my favourites (I have way to many watches!)

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