Whats in the boxes? (Shoes)

I don’t know about you but I’m a bit of shoe fan, so much so I hope to one day get round to taking a class to learn to make them (its been a thing I’ve wanted to learn for years) and when I was a child I loved my new pair of shoes so much so my mum found me in bed with them still on.

With that being said I was very excited for these pairs to arrive so much so I think I talked about them everyday at work until they did and then when they did I was busy talking about how much Im happy with them (slightly annoying, perhaps?).

So I thought I would share with you all my excitement too (I hope you don’t mind?)

IMG_2049My first purchase was these Silent D, White Verges from Mischief (this is them here)I have been loving having a pair of white shoes more importanly white velcro style shoes something about them I have been loving. Unfortunately recently I had to part ways with the pair I had and these are like the sophisticated sister to the old pair. They are so comfy and the velcro is so much better than the last pair, so glad I got them!

IMG_2043Now these are my favourite find, these Pewter Maddy Trainers (these are them here) are by a New Zealand shoe brand Kathryn Wilson and I’m so happy that I stumbled upon these beautiful shoes. I found them in the reduced section! I was super lucky to pick these up for over half price! they just so happened to have one pair left in my size it really does pay to check out sale or reduced sections.

IMG_2052I can not wait to most likely wear these both to death, once of course the Maddy trainers stop giving me blisters. As sad as it was to have to part with two old favourite pairs I’m more than happy to have two new pairs in my little collection to replace them.

So do you love shoes? Do you get super excited when you buy something new that you feel like you have to talk about it all the time?


p.s A little special thank you to my partner for helping me with these pictures (For someone that says he’s not very good at taking photos I think he’s pretty awesome!)



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