Where have I been?

Hello? Are you still there? How are you? (I do hope you are still there) It feels like so much has happened that I thought I would take a moment to reflect and share some of it along with some pictures  (they may not be the best just a warning)

I don’t want this to be a long winded catch up because I definitely don’t want to bore you all in my first post in I don’t even want to know how long. So lets begin here… 

IMG_1714IMG_1709IMG_186322nd of April was my birthday (Thats right I’m now a year older writing this blog and I’m still going to be making grammar and spelling mistake, just a heads up!). My other half and I went to stay at my mums and we shared yummy food with both our families it was a lovely weekend with this sunset above being what ended my birthday.

IMG_1741IMG_1743Then we skip forward to when we went to our first flat viewing and after seeing the place we already loved we had a cheeky little lunch out at one of our favourite spots in Wellington to eat and after we got some vegan gluten free lollies to munch on.

Oh and we got the first place we looked at and when had only being looking just under a week which is crazy!

IMG_1762One of the last times walking to work from our old place miss walking through the beautiful gardens in the morning.

IMG_1783IMG_1787Before we knew it, it was my boyfriends birthday week so we had the week off work and we went to visit his family for the weekend which also meant seeing all the animals too which is always lovely.

IMG_1807Arrived home and it was time to start packing up our room that had been our home.

IMG_1818The day we got the keys. 

IMG_1817Already making myself at home .

IMG_1830IMG_1835Couple days later we were moving in filling a one bedroom flat with all our things so much room from just having a mere room in 4 bedroom flat.

IMG_1842First dinner in the flat Pizza of course. A super yummy vegan gluten free pizza and garlic bread left overs are amazing when you are moving.

IMG_1850Our first breakfast on our first day in the place fully moved in.

IMG_1870I have so many blog posts to read and catch up on so it may take me a little bit to get though it all but feel free to leave a comment and ill check your blog out as soon as I can.

I have many post ideas so look forward to sharing more soon.



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