The Scent of the past

Since moving I have rediscovered so many treasures I’ve held onto for a long time. Old Letters, photos and lots of random bits and bobs in boxes kindly held onto by my mother who decided it was time to give some back now that my boyfriend and I have our own little flat.

One of the collections I came across were the perfume bottles from some of the first perfumes I bought. I found it crazy how smelling them had me going back in time to the moment I got them and the times I wore them.

I think I have a few missing, the first couple I bought that I must have gotten rid of I believe was a ‘So…?’ Fragrance that I purchased before my first school Ball (about 14/15 years old) then after that I have a roller ball set of three juicy couture perfumes that I remember thinking was pretty awesome.

IMG_2104Cacharel- Scarlett. The smell of my senior year at high school I remember first seeing the perfume advertised in a magazine and thinking it looked so pretty the packaging.

IMG_2099The body shop –Love etc. I remember stumbling across this perfume in the body shop when I was on a trip down the island visiting my Dad in the school holidays and falling for it.

IMG_2093Viktor&Rolf –Flowerbomb . I remember this mentioned in one of my favourite YouTube’s of the time video. I remember going to the store to smell it and after a long time thinking about it purchasing it online just before I went for my learners license just before I turned eighteen . This perfume reminds me of my first year studying.

IMG_2091Jo Malone – Blackberry & Bay . I got this in a goody bag when I went to NZFW (New Zealand Fashion week) when I was in my second year studying I remember I had a day trip to Auckland to go see some of the shows my favourite one being the bridal show which this was one of the lovely goodies. I was and still is one of my favourite fragrances. I later purchased the Pomegranate Noir which I enjoy still Jo Malone has such beautiful fragrances.

IMG_2096Palsha Picasso. This fragrance has an interesting story (well I think its intersting ) . For my 21st birthday I didn’t want to really do anything so I decided which some influence from my cousins that I needed to mark my birthday in some way decided to visit one of my cousins in Sydney were she was living.

My cousin lived in an apartment unit and she was friends with this women that lived up stairs from her that my cousin called ‘crazy’ she was very nice but a little intense at times, She was around the age of our mothers and seemed to care about alot of people she met.

She was telling us stories over beverages and chips some of them about her travels and the things she had done in her younger years. She was telling us about perfumes I can’t remember the story completely but she ended up saying that she wanted me to go up to apartment to smell some of her perfume collection and she end up giving me this little travel size perfume as she said that it suited me .

When I left I missed it in my packing and ended up leaving it behind.  It was months later my cousin had moved back to NZ and she still had it and gave it back to me. I don’t wear this fragrance but it has a lovely story and reminds me of such a lovely trip.

IMG_2109I hope you didn’t mind going back in time with me for a moment reliving some of my past though scents. 

I would love to know if you have fragrances that remind you of a certain time in your life that you have held on to?





    1. Thank you, I felt like writing about something a little different. It was unfortunately in draft for a little longer than I wanted though. Thank you for reading and your lovely comment 🙂


  1. I loved this post! I don’t actually have a sense of smell (never have) and I used to buy perfumes based on their advertising. In high school (I’m 40 now) I wore Dune and Tresor. I think I wore them into my early twenties when I switched to Bulgari Blu and then Ralph Lauren Blue. There was a brief fling with a Hugo Boss scent and then I bought the first Prada perfume. For my wedding, I took my mum to Smith and Caugheys and she helped me choose Organza (Givenchy). Then, when I had my kids, I stopped wearing perfume for 8 years! This year for Mother’s Day I asked my husband to take the kids and pick a perfume they thought smelt like me, which turned out to be Elizabeth Arden’s White Tea. Not sure what that says about me!
    Sorry for the looong comment, it’s been fun tripping down memory lane.

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  2. Also forgot to mention that I’ve always been so intrigued by the Jo Malone fragrances. If I could smell, they’re the first perfumes I would try. Also, have you seen the Demeter scents? They are tiny little bottles that smell like rain, or smoke etc. The other ones I would also like to smell are Tom Ford and the Aerin Lauder ones. Sorry, I’m on a roll!!

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