Getting Creative again…

Some people find being creative easy, like its second nature. They do it all the time, they don’t seem stuck for ideas often. They don’t seem to lack motivation, its seems from the outside that its this huge passion that they can’t not do! its just like breathing air for them.


For me I find it harder. You have me, the person that loves being creative but gets worried and anxious and starts over thinking the whole thing, which in turn leads me down a spiral of not wanting to do anything creative. When I’m feeling down I definitely lack motivation to be creative, it is the last thing I feel like I can doing yet its probably  one of the things I should be doing.

Some people just like me get a little lost along the way and forget how much being creative brings them joy and happiness. Being creative doesn’t mean it has to be perfect! I repeat it doesn’t mean it has to be perfect. (this is something that I find hard and forget all the time!) Its just meant to be fun.


It isn’t easy trying to do something you haven’t done in a long time (weeks, months or like me years!) but doing it is so rewarding. The toughest thing is trying to push yourself to do something small when you lack the motivation or if your not feeling like your in the right headspace, its all about the small steps.

Back around the end of December –January I tried something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, I painted. If you follow me over on my Instagram you may have seen some snippets of some paintings I have been working on.


The more I’m creative the more I feel like I’m finding my own style again and the more I’m enjoying doing it and thinking of more creative little projects I want to work on. Its little steps that are slowly adding up and bringing my confidence in being creative back. Which is very exciting!

If you like me get anxious getting creative, know your not alone I hope you find the courage to take a small step to fight through and get creative.

Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect.




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