Why Hello there! welcome to Silk & Spire. This little spot on the internet was created by me, Emmaleigh I’m a twenty something living in Wellington, New Zealand.

I think from everyone we meet while we walk this earth has a story and sometimes they let us in on a small part of it which is special.

So here is my place to share my love to document things mixed with pondering thoughts about Fashion, Food and all that good lifestyle and travel stuff all mixed up together.

About the name Silk & Spire well Silk is one of my favourite fabrics and Spire is a family name. My name Emmaleigh is a little different to the traditionally Emily well thats because my Nana told my Mum it was to old fashioned the other way and I wouldn’t thank her and I’m pretty happy with the end result.

Thank you for visiting and please feel free to leave comments or to follow me on this new adventure that is blogging, I love finding you blogs.